Give Voice

The Give Voice Mission:

The Give Voice Mission is to train people in their professional and private life to communicate with honesty, confidence, individuality and magnetism.

In 1994 Sandy Hirsch launched Give Voice to train people in their professional and private life to reach their highest communication potential. Since then she has trained a wide range of individuals and groups from the arts to business. Drawing from diverse professional and personal backgrounds, Sandy individualizes each training program to meet the specific needs of a business or individual. The Give Voice approach includes a thorough investigation into the inner workings of a business, or an individualís history before developing a program. Sandy has gained a reputation for cutting to the core of a communication challenge with precision, sensitivity and humor. She provides dynamic, effective communication tools. Where appropriate, audio taping or videotaping are used for evaluation and feedback.

Sandy has experience with a wide variety of business and arts professions including:

  • architecture
  • technology
  • medical
  • non-profit
  • financial
  • administrative
  • engineering
  • the performing arts
  • physical health
  • fisheries
  • music
  • real estate
  • legal
  • aerospace
  • educational
  • community leadership

Media & Journalism

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